Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013 – Mustard Time in Napa Valley

Second to the golden, orange, and scarlet hues of the vineyards in autumn is the shimmering yellow of the naked vineyards as the mustard blooms. If you can make it to Napa Valley in the coming days, you will be able to catch the last of the winter color as the Napa Valley transitions into spring. But it won't be long before it all gets mowed down and mulched into the soil to feed the 2013 vintage. (nearly half the rows have already been mowed.)  In addition to the fields of yellow, you will find fluffy fruit trees shimmering in pink and white in the late afternoon sun. The biggest surprise was the tulip patch that popped up along the Rutherford Cross Road near the Napa River. This picturesque color palette won't last but a few more days, so make a point to go soon.

Mustard weed in full bloom at Robert Biale Vineyards
I was in the valley to pick up wine club shipments at three different wineries, as well as checking out a new place (for me).  I stopped at Robert Biale, Elizabeth Spencer, Freemark Abbey, and ended up at Provenance Vineyards.  The weather was spectacular, reaching up to about 72F degrees by the end of the afternoon.  It was quiet before the Napa Valley Marathon being run on March 3rd.

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