Thursday, July 11, 2013

June 18, 2013 – Wine: 2007 Franciscan Magnificat

I remember my first wine-tasting trip to Napa Valley brought me to Franciscan Winery, where I tasted and adored the 2001 Franciscan Magnificat.  I have been a fan ever since, enjoying nearly every vintage bottled since then.  As I gained more experience with the 2007 vintage in Napa Valley, it became quite clear that 2007 would be an amazing vintage.  So, I bought a few half-bottles of 2007 Magnificat on blind faith.  I later tasted it in November 2011 and the wine was far too tannic to be enjoyed anytime soon.  So, it slumbered in my cellar until my curiosity piqued.  While the tannins have softened somewhat, this wine is still years away from its peak development and smoothness.  Looking past the tannins I noted classic flavors of the vintage, including blackberry, leather, blueberry, dark cherry, and minerals.  This wine will require patience, either to decant for hours or to rest a few more years.  (I’ll let mine rest.)

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