Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Day Wine Tasting - The Cult Wineries

The wines from these places are highly sought-after wines that often sell out completely before the next vintage is released.  Often times you need to join the winery’s mailing list just to get an allocation of wine that you can purchase.  In a good vintage, these wines command staggering prices, but offer up a quality that is hard to find elsewhere.  Because their cult status attracts more attention, expect to make a reservation weeks in advance and be prepared to pay more for the opportunity to taste these wines.  Also, expect a more formal, orchestrated tasting experience than you would find at wineries that pour at a tasting bar.  Not every cult winery welcomes visitors on a regular basis, but these few are usually open to the public.
To see the list, click on One Day:  The Cult Wineries from the links on the right.

Check the end of the page to see which other cult wineries welcome visitors and under what conditions.

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